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Sat Nov 16 17:24:30 EST 2002

>So how many Earthsea novels are there by now?

Five, afaik.  The original trilogy; _A Wizard of Earthsea_, _The 
Tombs of Atuan_, & _The Farthest Shore_; _Tehanu_, and now _The Other 

It's odd, I think, about the age-aiming of the stories.  I found 
_Tehanu_ only just bearable myself, and my copy is definitely not a 
YA book, but adult.  Yet the review of TOW in The Guardian a few 
weeks ago, mentioned Tehanu as if it were automatically a children's 
book, just because of following a trilogy which was.  TOW is 
different - certainly much easier to cope with than _Tehanu_, but yet 
in some ways, still felt to me like an "adult book".   Older 
characters is part of it, of course, but also something about the way 
loss is such a large part of it.  "Necessary loss", to borrow a 
phrase, which is very apt to the book.


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