Le Guin (Was: Re: recommendations wanted)

hallieod at indigo.ie hallieod at indigo.ie
Sat Nov 16 13:42:45 EST 2002


>There is the story in "Tales From Earthsea" about the girl who 
>sneaks into the Wizard school on Roke and has to deal with the fact 
>that the school has been male-only since its inception. The story 
>and the girl are "Dragonfly"
>Can't remember off-hand if it's explicitly (or implicitly!) feminist 
>at all, but it is based in Le Guin's fantasy world.

Oh - I must read that now!  Is it a good collection?  I *just* 
finished _The Other Wind_, which is the latest Earthsea novel.  I 
thought it was absolutely wonderful - very sad, but good sad. 
Anybody else read it and agree or not?


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