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Re: Le Guin and a fantasy story

There is the story in "Tales From Earthsea" about the girl who sneaks 
into the Wizard school on Roke and has to deal with the fact that the 
school has been male-only since its inception. The story and the girl 
are "Dragonfly"

Can't remember off-hand if it's explicitly (or implicitly!) feminist at 
all, but it is based in Le Guin's fantasy world.



On Friday, November 15, 2002, at 06:25  AM, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:

>> I would really like to include a *good*, feminist or
>> at least by a woman, fantasy story. I am looking for suggestions.
> There's a story by Robin McKinley- I think it's in The Knot in the 
> Grain
> collection, - called The Healer, about a mute girl who gets a voice.
> (Apparently the new collection she has with Peter Dickinson- is it 
> called
> Water?- is good but I haven't read it yet).
> Ursula Le Guin is a feminist and does good short stories, but I 
> haven't read
> any for a bit, the only ones that are springing to mind are sf rather 
> than
> fantasy.
> Sadly I think Margaret Mahy's only short stories are for children.
> Jennifer
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