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On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, Denise DeGraf wrote:

> Robyn Starkey dreamed lazily into the stars:
> >I have just found out I am teaching a high school catch up course next 

> I can't name any short titles offhand, but for short feminist fantasy, you 
> should probably look into the "Swords & Sorceresses" (ed. Marion Zimmer 
> Bradley) or the "Chicks N' Chainmail" (ed. Esther Friesner) anthologies for 

Ooh, I'm quite fond of "Chicks 'N Chainmail." Since it's for high school
students, I particularly"Field Trip"? Something like
that. The one by Margaret Ball. (Hi, Margaret! :^) It teaches the value of
math as well as the difficulties of being a working single mom. But I
really liked the math part. (Yes, I had fun doing calculus.)

And for something very different, there's "Kissing the Witch" by Emma
Donoghue--it's a series of fairy-tale retellings, with such interesting
twists as Cinderella going off with her fairy godmother instead of
sticking with Prince Boring.

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wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things 
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