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Wed Nov 13 22:59:38 EST 2002

Robyn Starkey dreamed lazily into the stars:
>I have just found out I am teaching a high school catch up course next 
>semester. One of the requirements is a selection of short stories of my 
>choice. I would really like to include a *good*, feminist or at least by a 
>woman, fantasy story. I am looking for suggestions. I have in mind that 
>one about the women who forge swords and quench them in blood. Is it by 
>Jane Yolen? But I am keen to consider suggestions.

I can't name any short titles offhand, but for short feminist fantasy, you 
should probably look into the "Swords & Sorceresses" (ed. Marion Zimmer 
Bradley) or the "Chicks N' Chainmail" (ed. Esther Friesner) anthologies for 
pieces.  I'll go check my copies and see what I can find -- I know there's 
one poem in S&S (#4?) that would be perfect for a high school class, but 
I'm not sure if I loaned that S&S out or not.


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