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> Doctor Who has its own section, taking up three quarters of my middle shelf
> filled to one and a half times capacity. I organise the books in
> chronological order as they happen to the Doctor, with the novelizations and
> "Missing/Past adventures" mixed in underneath, with the novels on top (I

Ahem.  I must now confess that not all my fiction is ordered by Author.
Your description hath reminded me that all my Doctor Who books are
clumped together in the "D" section.  The DW non-fiction comes first
(another rule broken there) then the Missing Adventures, the New
Adventures, the BBC-MAs and the BBC-NAs, in Doctor or publication order.

Likewise Alien Nation is under "A", Blake's 7 and Babylon 5 are under
"B" and Space: Above And Beyond is under "S".  However, oddly enough, my
few Trek novels are filed under the authors, probably because I bought
them for the author first.  Likewise, the novelizations of "Girl From
Tomorrow" and "Spellbinder" are also filed under the co-authors ("S" for
Mark Shirrefs, since John Thomson comes second on the cover).

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