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Tue Nov 12 22:55:15 EST 2002

--- Caleb W <scalebw at tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
> Doctor Who could be several
> sections - being the longest running book series
> about one central character
> there are now, what? around 400 titles -
> novelizations, missing adventures,
> the on-going "New Adventures" series published
> 1990ish-1996ish, the current
> BBC Books on-going line, the novellas, a few short
> story collections... No
> wonder the BBC have cut back the publishing
> schedule!

Perry Rhodan beats Dr Who for number of titles - 1890
as of 1988 according to
starting in 1963 - about the same time as Dr Who (I
think I have a 1963 Dr Who annual somewhere - the
novelisations probably started a few years later). The
number of Star Trek novelisations must be similer
numbers too, but those don't just involve one central
There have been some detectives who have had longer
runs - but perhaps fewer stories such as Ellery Queen
1929-1999 or Sherlock Holmes (still going strong after
115 years). The Hardy Boys have been solving mysteries
for 75 years with almost 400 titles (but you have to
draw the line somewhere).

Jon Noble

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