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Sat Nov 9 21:31:08 EST 2002

Robyn said (I just typed Robyn Hobb said.....)

I just thought I would share a whine. I've been 
hanging out for her latest 
book (Golden Fool) for ages. It was supposed to 
be out in Australia and the 
UK last month but they had printing problems - a 
missing chapter or 
something. Anyway, now I find out that the North 
American publication is 
January. Which seems bizarre to me, because she 
supposedly lives in North 
America. I'm contemplating getting someone to buy

me a copy in Aus, because 
the cover is so much better. Is anyone else 
waiting impatiently?

Um, no, I read it last week. My wonderful friend
Sarah got it from a book club and let me have it
first because I read faster! Now that's true
friendship! As far as I know it was only the Oz
books that were snafued. Apparently chapter 17
was missing. It's titled fathers and concerns
just about every major character in the book so a
major blunder. 

It's worth waiting for. I did find the first
hundred or so pages a bit slow but I think that
was because I only read Fool's Errand a couple of
months ago (Sarah had just joined that book
club). That was long enough to have forgotten
some detail and fail to pick upon nuances but not
so long ago to have the pleasure of "it all
coming back to me" because I hadn't forgotten
enough. Mmm there isn't much one can say that
isn't spoilerish so it will have to wait.


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