Jane Langton (books by) and an idea

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 8 19:58:12 EST 2002

--- Ania <theania at freeuk.com> wrote:
> My idea, which I just had, is this: You know that
> you can make an online
> 'wish list' with Amazon? Well, how about we all make
> one (I already have, as
> a way of keeping track of my 'wants'), and then
> amazon gives an option to
> email the list (or rather, presumably, a link
> thereto) to friends. If we
> were to email these to this list, we could all get
> to know each other better
> (this sounds sleazy; it's not meant to be) from
> seeing the things we want
> but not yet have. Is this feasible? Is it allowed?
> Could a moderator
> comment? What do you lot think?
> Ania (who loves lists)

My wish list at Amazon consists only of some art books
my wife wants, I have a wish list I keep on a computer
and print out from time to time so I know what I have
for booksales - or so people know what to buy me as
gifts. It is over 500 books long though. And that
doesn't include all the issues of "Janes all the
world's aircraft" I'd love to get. (I am a collector
of books on aviation history among other things - I
have half a dozen Janes' but would love the lot - a
hopeless dream as I don't think that even the
publisher has a complete run - those from the '20s and
'30s are over $1000 each!)

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