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On Fri, 8 Nov 2002, Ania wrote:
|My idea, which I just had, is this: You know that you can make an online
|'wish list' with Amazon? Well, how about we all make one (I already have, as
|a way of keeping track of my 'wants'), and then amazon gives an option to
|email the list (or rather, presumably, a link thereto) to friends. If we
|were to email these to this list, we could all get to know each other better
|(this sounds sleazy; it's not meant to be) from seeing the things we want
|but not yet have. Is this feasible? Is it allowed? Could a moderator
|comment? What do you lot think?

How about this: if people have strong feelings, either pro or con,
e-mail me off list.  I won't reply (unless you ask me two), but if
anybody has strong feelings against, we probably shouldn't do this.
After the last rush of survey e-mails (which I thought were fine -- they
led to several discussions about books, and Diana Wynne Jones books in
particular, and I classified them just as another round of "get to know
you" e-mail), several people unsubscribed from the last.  They didn't
say why, so I don't know if the surveys had anything to do with it.  I
don't exactly mind, either, because -- as a set above -- I think get to
know each other e-mails are completely fine off-topic discussion

But Amazon wish lists seem a bit more -- I don't know -- commercial.  I
don't know why I feel this way, since really this is just an extension
of the "get to know what looks people would like" idea.  So since I have
a vague and, to me, inexplicable discomfort, I'll hold back and let
people tell me.  If anyone is disturbed by the idea, let me know, and
I'll anonymously report to the list that it probably isn't a great idea.
Otherwise we should go for it.

And if we do go for it, and anyone (other than Sharyn, who has already
read it) doesn't list The Merlin Conspiracy, we will all look at you

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