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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Fri Nov 8 18:50:36 EST 2002

--- Satu S Hlinovsky <skanervi at> wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Nov 2002, Jon Noble wrote:
> > I have all my books (9,000 or so) catalogued in
> > Microsoft Excel which is by no means perfect. I
> tried
> > setting up something in Access but it seemed a lot
> of
> > bother.
> I have half my books now catalogued in Access, which
> is just as flexible
> as I could ever want it to be. I and my husband
> spent some time figuring
> out all the things we wanted out catalogue to
> contain about our books, and
> created a filing card base exactly for our needs.
> Now all we need to do is
> find the time to put the other half of the books in.
> It may still take
> awhile, because new books keep puoring in...

Access is certainly better than Excel for this I used
excel mainly because it was a lot simpler to get them
in quickly. I had preiviously done it on works but the
computer died, and I also lost both backups (one on
disk and one on another computer). I did have a print
out of the lot however (handy when going to book sales
so i know what I already have) so I worked from that
to put things into Excel. When I got going I found I
could put things in very quickly - many hundreds of
books an hour but it was much slower doing the
original. One day I do intend to transfer everything
to Access.


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