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> On Fri, 8 Nov 2002 07:51:13 +0200 (EET), Satu S
> Hlinovsky wrote:
> Which brings me to another question I'd like
> opinions on.  This new program
> uses a category+subcategory system to organize books
> by subject: i.e.
> Children's+Fantasy.  Not really having a system, I
> noticed in playing with
> the grouping definitions (ways of displaying the
> records) that I have some
> books that are, for example, Childrens+Fantasy and
> others that are
> Fantasy+Childrens.  The categories are not nearly as
> important to me as my
> homegrown keyword system, but I want them to be
> sensible.
> So what I want to know is, for those of you who
> think this way, how do you
> classify or sort your books by subject?  (Or do you
> not bother?)  Do you,
> for instance, put DWJ with the children's books or
> with the YA books or with
> straight fantasy?  Suggestions for my own situation
> are good, but what I'd
> really like is to see how people think about this,
> um, subject.  :)

An ideal system should have multiple subjects - so
that Childrens and fantasy can be both listed as
subjects, and allow searching so that you can find
books as either childrens or fantasy or only books
that are both childrens and fantasy. For myself excel
doesn't allow this sort of flexibility so I have to
just choose one category. I choose that category where
I would look for the book - so all DWJ even the one or
two I have for quite young readers goes into fantasy
rather than childrens which I usually reserve for
books my kids had (and which are mostly still packed
away). Tough Guide however is non-fiction and I have
given it a Dewey number in 809 for literary criticism.
Where I have trouble is in borderline categories like
historical mysteries - I enjoy these as historical
fiction - my wife as mystery stories - I catalog them
as historical mainly because we have a lot of
mysteries and much less historical - just to boost
their numbers :-), Books on the borderline between sf
and fantasy are equally hard to place - especially if
by an author who writes a lot of both. 

Jon Noble 

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