Jane Langton (books by) and an idea

Ania theania at freeuk.com
Fri Nov 8 17:42:35 EST 2002

I was idly browsing Amazon last night and I noted that The Swing in the
Summerhouse has been reprinted and that there are 2 more sequels to that and
the Diamond in the Window. Amanda/Gemini, who introduced me to them, to DWJ
and to this list, was overjoyed - I'd emailed her immediately
Are any of you familiar with the series? If not, make amends immediately. If
you need convincing, read Amanda's review of The Diamond..., which is online
on www.amazon.co.uk
My idea, which I just had, is this: You know that you can make an online
'wish list' with Amazon? Well, how about we all make one (I already have, as
a way of keeping track of my 'wants'), and then amazon gives an option to
email the list (or rather, presumably, a link thereto) to friends. If we
were to email these to this list, we could all get to know each other better
(this sounds sleazy; it's not meant to be) from seeing the things we want
but not yet have. Is this feasible? Is it allowed? Could a moderator
comment? What do you lot think?
Ania (who loves lists)

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