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Fri Nov 8 17:30:01 EST 2002

OK. This is my shelving system:
Main division is fiction/non fiction
Big bookcase with children's/YA fiction, alphabetically by author (the only
section to be thus arranged).
Another on the landing with sci-fi/fantasy
Shelves in right alcove in living room: other novels
Shelves in left alcove in living room: non fiction: history, archaeology,
religion, mythology, folklore, some bigger dictionaries of asst. languages
Bookcase in living room: dictionaries; other language books; Irish lang and
lit books; other Celtic stuff; more mythology and folklore.
Bookcase in hallway: non fiction: biographies, social sciences, plant books,
herb books, science, travel. Welsh books. Polish books. Other language
books. Poetry. Drama. Anything that does not fit anywhere else.
Upper shelf in hallway: Cosmic Crap section (astrology, tarot, other
divination systems, other such cosmic nonsense).
Lower shelf in hallway: Bibles and hymn books in various languages
Big low bookcase in hallway: Graphic novels and outsize books.
Kitchen: cook books
Ledge in the bathroom: Bog Books section: stuff to amuse one when one is
enthroned. Includes cartoon books, humour and perfectly serious things
bought for amusement value, such as the grandly titled 'Is sin our fault?'
(unreadable; could not divine an answer from the turgid gobbledygook), 'In
praise of Male Chauvinism', 'Enemies of Women' (that's feminists, in case
you wondered), and other gems.
Stephen's (son's) bookcases in his room, containing a mix of things.
A large pile next to my bed, consisting of a very random selection of last
year's worth of reading.
It is a haphazard system but it works; I know where things are. DWJ appears
both in the sci-fi/fantasy and children's/YA section, and there are other
I write down what people borrow, when I remember

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