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Fri Nov 8 10:24:22 EST 2002

I used to classify my books in really detailed ways (historical
fiction/autobiography/plays/fantasy, etc.) but it was extremely
complicated, because most books belong in more than one section.  When
we bought a house, boyfriend and I -- gasp -- Combined Our Books.
People thought that the thirty year mortgage was a sign of our long-term
commitment, and didn't understand that Combining Our Books, and Giving
Away Duplicates (well, some duplicates) was a much bigger deal.  Anyway,
we needed a new scheme.

So, in my study: all of my children's books, alphabetically by author.
I just mixed in my children's nonfiction, poetry, and picture books two
weeks ago, though there are still some oversized books on top of my
desk.  Also on my desk, some computer books, and a few reference books
(style manuals, MLA handbook, etc.).  Next to my desk, literary
criticism and books by or about authors.  Squeezed in where they fit,
journals and magazines.

In his study, some more of the computer books, and his magazines.

Downstairs in the library, fiction is organized alphabetically by
author.  The small amount of children's fiction he has is down here,
except for The Subtle Knife, which he let me swipe.  So it's mostly
fantasy, science-fiction, and freaky postmodern literature, with a good
selection of books left over from an undergraduate English degree thrown
in.  The only major quirk here is that books are shelved by the author
that the books claim, as opposed to the real author -- which means we
have books shelved under Baggins, Morgenstern, and Paarfi.

Also in the library, nonfiction is shelved by color.  It looks really,
really cool.  Especially since we have a large number computer books
(the rest of them) published by O'Reilly and associates, which have very
brightly colored spines.  It's one floor to ceiling bookshelf in a big
old color wheel.

Also in the library, comic books and graphic novels are arranged by
title of series, poetry and plays, and reference books.

Still, all over the place I want to physical hyperlinks or something.  I
don't like the fact that it with just a break up of fiction, children's
fiction, and nonfiction, I still have CS Lewis on three separate
bookshelves.  Ursula Le Guin is also on three (fiction, children's
fiction, and literary criticism).  Diane Duane is on two.  Some people I
just give up and put the books where they are most convenient: all Diane
Wynne Jones, including A Sudden Wild Magic and Tough Guide to
FantasyLand our upstairs in children's.

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