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Fri Nov 8 05:48:27 EST 2002

Melissa wrote:
> So what I want to know is, for those of you who think this 
> way, how do you classify or sort your books by subject?  (Or do you not 
> bother?)  Do you, for instance, put DWJ with the children's books or with
> YA books or with straight fantasy? 

In my when-I-make-my-million library, the categories will be childrens,
older childrens/YA, sf/fantasy, mystery, humour, general fiction (small),
classics, essays and misc., food (the cookbooks would be in the kitchen),
history, science. 
All of them shade into each other, so the authors probably wouldn't be
alphabetised but sit where I felt they fitted. DWJ might be on the "YA and
fantasy" shelf or I might split them.

In actual fact my books are in two houses, neither of which has enough
shelves (I'm pretty sure that's the problem, not that I have too many
books), so they're sort-of-vaguely sf/fantasy over here, some mystery here
and some downstairs, that high shelf has the ones I don't read often...
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