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On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 11:27:17PM -0700, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
> So what I want to know is, for those of you who think this way, how do you
> classify or sort your books by subject?  (Or do you not bother?)  Do you,
> for instance, put DWJ with the children's books or with the YA books or with
> straight fantasy?  Suggestions for my own situation are good, but what I'd
> really like is to see how people think about this, um, subject.  :)

On the shelves, I cluster things by the amount of space they take up,
and generally split by nonfiction/fiction/fanfiction.  Thus Really Tall
Books go on one set of shelves, and smaller nonfiction on another,
fiction paperbacks are in another set of shelves, and fiction hardbacks
on a set of shelves which have more room, and the A5 fanzines are
on one shelf by themselves, and the tall fanzines take up a couple of
shelves underneath a bunch of videos...

And the fiction goes alphabetically by author.  It's just easier to find
that way.

But I've never actually done a database of my books.  It's hard enough
maintaining a database of my videos!  (And more important, because
the books are much more easily found than the videos, since the
non-commercial videos are just numbered, in drawers).

About the only place I'm categorizing things is on my "Favourite
Authors" page, and for that I use multiple categories per author,
but not that many categories altogether.  Let's see...
- Doctor Who
- Fantasy
- General
- Historical
- Mystery
- SF
- Teen/Kid

I say Teen/Kid because I'd rather lump together "Childrens" and "Young
Adult" because many of my favourites cross that borderline anyway, and I
can't be bothered separating them out.

Yes, Doctor Who has a separate category because I've got enough
commercial Doctor Who books to justify it, and multiple favourite
authors there.  Though I've stopped buying the DW books for a while now,
but I still have the older ones.

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