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Jacob Proffitt Jacob at Proffitt.com
Fri Nov 8 00:45:10 EST 2002

---Original Message From: Sally Odgers
> > I'm too depressed to have a favorite physical feature right
> now.  Probably
> > cheekbones, the only part of my body that hasn't drifted
> south in the last
> > five years.
> I envisage you as being dark-haired with loose curls. Brown
> eyes. And I
> "see" Jacob as the dark, slightly-hair-receding skinny
> intellectual type.
> How wrong am I?

Closeish.  Melissa's hair is more wavy than loose curls.  My hair is
full and will likely remain so until the day I die (all grandparents had
full heads of hair until well into their 70s--I'd have said the day they
died, but my Grandmas are still going strong), though it is likely to go
gray in my 40s.  And I used to be skinny, but then I got a desk job and
gained 70 lbs., but then I started playing church sports and I'm more
active with the kids and lost 50 lbs.--the blessings of a fast

Jacob Proffitt

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