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Fri Nov 8 00:31:57 EST 2002

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> oh, this does sound like fun!
> I use a very very old version of DBase that doesn't even
> allow for using a mouse.  But the big positive for it is...
> the books are all already entered.  I did it over the course
> of a very long time and the thought of going back and
> entering them all again... oh, it's just daunting!  But I'm
> going to save the info on this just in case I suddenly feel
> inspired to upgrade.
> After you got the program going the way you wanted, how long
> is it taking you to enter your books?  Could I do 3300 books
> in a few days?
> Thanks for the info!

Is this a home-grown database?  If it isn't, there's a chance that you
can find something that will convert it to a standard format (there are
several, ahem).  Even if you can export it to comma delimited, I could
see what I can do to convert it to something else.  I *am* Mr. Database
Man, and it is *tons* easier to convert data than to program the entire

Jacob Proffitt

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