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Thu Nov 7 22:36:27 EST 2002

On Thu, 7 Nov 2002 19:07:05 -0800, jstallcup at wrote:

>oh, this does sound like fun!
>I use a very very old version of DBase that doesn't even allow for using
>a mouse.  But the big positive for it is... the books are all already
>entered.  I did it over the course of a very long time and the thought of
>going back and entering them all again... oh, it's just daunting!  But
>I'm going to save the info on this just in case I suddenly feel inspired
>to upgrade.  

There is an import feature that I haven't had to use, so I don't know how
well it works.  You would have to convert your data into a text file.  I
forgot to mention that there is a fully-functional demo version that you can
download from the site; you could do that and test it to see if it would
work.  The demo is limited to 40 entries and *says* that it is a 30-day
trial version, but they must mean 30 days of use, because I had the demo a
long time before I could register it.

>After you got the program going the way you wanted, how long is it taking
>you to enter your books?  Could I do 3300 books in a few days?

Probably not a few days.  It depends on how much info you want to enter,
really.  If you're just entering the basics, probably less than five minutes
per book (most of which is spent handling the physical book).  I'm entering
the basic information, how much I spent on it (if I remember), the
condition, the category (NOT a part of the basic information), awards, and a
summary, so it takes me quite a bit longer.

Oh!  It also works as a library circulation program.  I loaned out some
books to a neighbor kid and it marks the "checked out" records in green
until you check the books back in.  Also tracks how long they were supposed
to be about.  And you can get a report based on who is borrowing from you,
what they have, and when it's all due.


Melissa Proffitt

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