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Thu Nov 7 22:07:05 EST 2002

oh, this does sound like fun!

I use a very very old version of DBase that doesn't even allow for using
a mouse.  But the big positive for it is... the books are all already
entered.  I did it over the course of a very long time and the thought of
going back and entering them all again... oh, it's just daunting!  But
I'm going to save the info on this just in case I suddenly feel inspired
to upgrade.  

After you got the program going the way you wanted, how long is it taking
you to enter your books?  Could I do 3300 books in a few days?

Thanks for the info!

Jackie S.

On Thu, 07 Nov 2002 19:43:27 -0700 Melissa Proffitt
<Melissa at> writes:
> A long time ago I mentioned that I was trying to twist my husband's 
> arm to
> get him to finish my library database. (Mr. Super Database 
> Programmer Man)
> He finally admitted that it was never going to happen.  But to make 
> it up to
> me, he went looking for a program that would work.  I had little 
> faith
> because I did some looking on my own, and everything I found was 
> either
> inadequate, expensive, or both.
> He's better at finding things than I am.
> The program he found is called BookCAT.  It's manufactured by a 
> company
> called FNProgramvare that makes a number of different database 
> systems
> (stamp collecting, music, videos, etc.) and it is amazingly complete 
> and
> flexible.  It has a million filters that I haven't even figured out 
> yet.  In
> addition to being designed to store every possible piece of 
> information
> about a book you could think of, there are custom fields in case you 
> think
> of something they didn't.  And the best news is, it's cheap.  I was 
> looking
> at programs that were comparable, but still lacked a few key 
> features, that
> were about US$100.  This one is $39.  I registered it yesterday and 
> now I am
> happily spending hours entering books into the database.  (I haven't 
> been
> able to rave about this to anyone else, but I figured you people 
> would
> understand why that's so pleasurable.)
> It's not perfect.  My biggest annoyance is that there's no field for
> Illustrator.  I've set up a custom field for it, but it's not 
> grouped with
> the rest of the general book information and I don't like that.  It 
> also
> took me a while to figure out how to record a book's position within 
> a
> series.  BUT--it is so cool that there is an actual drop-down menu 
> for
> series names, and you can sort by series and request that the books 
> be
> listed in chronological order, and <pant pant> I think it's way 
> cool.  There
> are also ways to download the data you need rather than entering it
> manually, though the available data is limited, and you can also 
> download
> cover art to be displayed in a window next to individual book 
> information.
> Even though this, too, has limitations, it appeals to me because I 
> like
> seeing the cover art, and I think we (i.e. Mr. Super Database 
> Programmer
> Man) can d/l about two-thirds of the covers and scan in the rest.  
> Big time
> saver.
> Anyway.  Aside from being gaga over my new toy, I thought I'd 
> mention this
> in case anyone is looking for a good database program (my friend Fen 
> also
> bought the CATraxx for music and CATVids for DVDs, and she loved how 
> easy it
> was to strip the information off the Internet).  The web site is
> and I know the program is
> available internationally, but I'm not sure how the price compares.
> We now return you to...well, whatever you were doing before the 
> commercial
> interruption.
> Melissa Proffitt
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