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Thu Nov 7 21:43:27 EST 2002

A long time ago I mentioned that I was trying to twist my husband's arm to
get him to finish my library database. (Mr. Super Database Programmer Man)
He finally admitted that it was never going to happen.  But to make it up to
me, he went looking for a program that would work.  I had little faith
because I did some looking on my own, and everything I found was either
inadequate, expensive, or both.

He's better at finding things than I am.

The program he found is called BookCAT.  It's manufactured by a company
called FNProgramvare that makes a number of different database systems
(stamp collecting, music, videos, etc.) and it is amazingly complete and
flexible.  It has a million filters that I haven't even figured out yet.  In
addition to being designed to store every possible piece of information
about a book you could think of, there are custom fields in case you think
of something they didn't.  And the best news is, it's cheap.  I was looking
at programs that were comparable, but still lacked a few key features, that
were about US$100.  This one is $39.  I registered it yesterday and now I am
happily spending hours entering books into the database.  (I haven't been
able to rave about this to anyone else, but I figured you people would
understand why that's so pleasurable.)

It's not perfect.  My biggest annoyance is that there's no field for
Illustrator.  I've set up a custom field for it, but it's not grouped with
the rest of the general book information and I don't like that.  It also
took me a while to figure out how to record a book's position within a
series.  BUT--it is so cool that there is an actual drop-down menu for
series names, and you can sort by series and request that the books be
listed in chronological order, and <pant pant> I think it's way cool.  There
are also ways to download the data you need rather than entering it
manually, though the available data is limited, and you can also download
cover art to be displayed in a window next to individual book information.
Even though this, too, has limitations, it appeals to me because I like
seeing the cover art, and I think we (i.e. Mr. Super Database Programmer
Man) can d/l about two-thirds of the covers and scan in the rest.  Big time

Anyway.  Aside from being gaga over my new toy, I thought I'd mention this
in case anyone is looking for a good database program (my friend Fen also
bought the CATraxx for music and CATVids for DVDs, and she loved how easy it
was to strip the information off the Internet).  The web site is and I know the program is
available internationally, but I'm not sure how the price compares.

We now return you to...well, whatever you were doing before the commercial

Melissa Proffitt

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