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Thu Nov 7 18:33:03 EST 2002

--- Kathryn Andersen <kat_lists at> wrote:
> Though actually the movie The Lord of the Rings: The
> Fellowship of The Ring
> managed to push the theme of temptation and power
> almost more than the
> book did, IMHO.  That scene with Galadriel... ah, my
> imagination is
> better, but only a little better than the movie...
> (*shiver*)

Yes, I thought the LOTR-FOR movie did an amazing job
in conveying the power and evil of the ring - while
never showing it as anything other than a simple gold

One interesting twist on superpowers is Richard
Matheson's "I am legend" (filmed twice - once as "the
omega man") in which the hero is the last human alive
in a world of vampires. The vampires regard the hero
with superstitious awe as he has all sorts of super
abilities vampires don't have - such as being able to
walk in daylight when vampires are helpless.

Jon Noble

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