Americans Voting

Denise DeGraf mustang at
Tue Nov 5 02:19:55 EST 2002

deborah dreamed lazily into the stars:
>Americans: Vote Early!  Vote Often!  .... err, I mean, just vote.  Even
>though I know of several people on this list who won't vote as I would
>at all.  You should vote, too.  ;)

Better yet, volunteer at your local polls AND vote!  I'll be off running a 
local precinct from 6am till whenever we get all of our ballots accounted 
for late at night.  I figure that I'll hang out reading Hexwood for the 
first time during the lulls. :^D


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grown accustomed to it without knowing what she was
accustoming herself to." --R. McKinley, "Deerskin"

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