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Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Sun Nov 3 06:51:40 EST 2002

Hello list,

I've decided I have time get sucked in again, after over a year away. I 
think it was last September when I last posted here, right before our visit 
to Britain, about 4 months before my baby Roi was born. He is 10 months old 
now, still too young to appreciate books for anything but their teething 
value but we are working on that.

Nice to see some new names on the list, I hope old friends are only 
temporarily silent.

Here's my 2 cents in response to the last list digest:

Kathleen - if ghost gardens *do* count, there's one in "Tom's Midnight 
Garden". And there are plenty of tales about ghost ships. Also, Joan Aiken's 
ghost dog Humblepuppy was always leaving behind invisible puddles of 
puppy-piddle, if memory serves.

Sharyn - Do the books have to be previously published by Penguin? Can we 
recommend books supposedly intended for younger readers?
How I envy you. There is something positively cruel about admitting on this 
list that you have read both "The Merlin Conspiracy" and "Abhorsen". I am on 
pins and needles waiting for both of them. Not fair.
A while before "Year of the Griffin" came out I was working for an Israeli 
publishing company, and one of my regular duties was sorting through the 
piles of books submitted for review and possible translation. One of our 
shipping lists from a large agency listed a proof copy of "Year of the 
Griffin" - I tore through that box faster than you would believe. But, alas, 
there had been some mistake, and the box contained a copy of "A Tale of Time 
City" instead...
I don't even get to read the Harry Potter books earlier than anyone else, 
harumph harupmh, though I translate them, and one would think I'd get 
priority. But I would trade an advance copy of HP5 for either "Merlin" or 
"Abhorsen" any day - corporate litigation be damned.


P.S. - pictures of baby Roi can be seen at:

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