Great moments

Nat Case ncase at
Thu May 30 14:45:59 EDT 2002

Jamie Hamilton going down into Prometheus's valley in Homeward Bounders.

Really, HB is full of great moments: The oomera woomera world, the 
discovery via the photo on the mantel... it's a very vivid kind of 

On reflection, maybe this is my problem with the ending of Fire & 
Hemlock: I want it to be a great moment, but something about the 
whole thing, from the moment Polly arrives at the train station 
through their arrival back in the rose bush, has a sort of sickly 
vague scent to it. It's appropriate to the situation, but it still 
makes the moment less vivid than, for example, HB.


>Sallyo said...
>>  The conga line is one of the Great Scenes of Fantasy.
>>  Along with Nick's Breakfast, Howl's Green Slime Tantrum and -
>>  nominations, anyone?
>The "hanging" in "Time of the Ghost.  Archer's electrical tantrum towards
>the end of "Archer's Goon".  The essays in "The Year of the Griffin".
>Plenty more, but I need to leave some for other people! :-)
>Until the sky falls on our heads...
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