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---Original Message From: Melissa Proffitt
> Amen!  Most of the ones I get are spam, so even less
> incentive to open them. I use Agent, which is fantastic
> despite having been dropped from development for way too
> long.  Jacob wants me to use Outlook, but he's been corrupted
> by Satan and thinks I should convert all my programs to their
> Microsoft equivalent.  (I can say this because he's got a
> nine-hundred-message backlog and I know he isn't reading
> these.  I keep telling him he ought to just delete all of
> that and start fresh.)

Boo.  I took your advice.  I nuked everything more than a week old.  So

And it's not that I like Outlook so much, its that there isn't anything
better, yet.  I know that's an invitation to flame me, but it's true.
Just for kicks, I'll give you my criteria for a viable email program.
Agent meets almost all of them, but the lack of html reading is a

- Filter messages to folders based on flexible criteria (most can do
- Multiple email accounts (most new ones can do this)
- Thread messages (*nobody* does this.  Agent does, but nobody else has
figured out that email header tags exist to thread messages)
- Read and write html (most new ones can do this--sadly, Agent does not)
- Allow security like Norton to scan email before I have to read it
(most new ones can do this)

Outlook doesn't do threading, but you can kind of simulate it by sorting
by Conversation, Conversation Index, and then Received.  For my
purposes, it's an annoyance, but I can take it.  I *wish* Agent did html
and multiple accounts, but it doesn't.  It's aged well for a 6 year old
program, but it needs an update.  As you can see, most programs can do
what I want, so Outlook is merely the cheapest, easiest one for me to


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