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>  Yes!  You offended me!!  I will now proceed to fire Molotov cocktails in
> > your general direction!!!  Now I have excuses to write poorly-spelled
> > diatribes about you and your taste in reading material!!!!
> >
> I had the Pratchett quote as a signature once.
> "Multiple exclamation marks," he went on, shaking his head, "are
> a sure sign
> of a diseased mind."
> That's from Eric.
> But I think there's a similar one in Masquerade (sp).
> "Ahahaha!!! AHAHAHA!!!!!"

I seem to remember something involving supermarket trolleys and special
offers, which sounds to me like Reaper Man too.  Not that I can quote
anything - that would involve going and actually *looking* for the book ;o)

"Mistrust all enterprises that require new clothes."

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