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Philip.Belben at powertech.co.uk Philip.Belben at powertech.co.uk
Wed May 29 11:14:39 EDT 2002

>>>>This is a question that often gets asked, but I'm surprised (and rather
>>>>embarrassed) that all my list friends have been ignoring you. :-(
>>> I think a number of people couldn't read her message, due to the various
>>> attachments it came with.  To many people, it came across as garbled.  So I
>>> wouldn't assume we're all just ignoring the new girl, Philip.  :)
>>Oh, Melissa, I hope I haven't offended you ;-)
> Yes!  You offended me!!  I will now proceed to fire Molotov cocktails in
> your general direction!!!  Now I have excuses to write poorly-spelled
> diatribes about you and your taste in reading material!!!!
> (I like you.  You're so direct. :)

Thank you.  And you're not, apparently.  What you mean is that I'm (in the words
of Will Venables - Hey! I got a DWJ reference in!) "a tactless bugger".  But
unlike me you're far too polite to say so :-)

> We are a very friendly lot.  Except for Philip.  :)  And me.  But I always
> feel really bad about it afterward.

Oh, I do too.  But not quite always - that depends on whom I've offended :-)

> One of the things I have always liked about this list is that we have no FAQ
> that we insist newcomers read.  We don't (usually) shut people out when they

I'd not thought of that.  Good point.

> ask the same question that we've already gone over fifteen times, because
> people always come up with new insights.  But there are some things that
> could perhaps be helpful to new members.  Heather posting the question about
> "favorite DWJ book" is a good example; I think it's probably one of the
> first things someone wants to know when they discover a group of like-minded
> fans.
> So what I'm wondering is, could there be some middle ground between mocking
> and flaming newbies and just letting them flounder on their own?  For
> example, a "welcome" message upon subscribing that suggests looking at the
> survey results on the website, or glancing over the recommended threads, or
> something?  I hesitate to suggest it because I know I wouldn't have to
> implement it; it would be Deborah doing the work.  :)  I just wonder if
> anyone thinks this might be valuable to new list members.

Speaking for myself, I'm a fairly impetuous new member when I join a list,
tending to jump into list discussions long before I'm ready.  I think some sort
of welcome message with a couple of paragraphs on list conventions (do we have
any?) would be very useful.  Anything longer, such as a typical list FAQ, might
not get read.

Unfortunately the common recurrent questions are personal ones - "What's
everyone's favourite DWJ?", "How did people discover DWJ?" and so on - which
depends on who's active on the list, and changes with time anyway.

There was some mention of creating some sort of "members' area" on the web site,
with information about the people on the list in it.  A lot of work for poor
Deborah, but would it serve the purpose?

For that matter, it's nearly a year since Ania posted her questionnaire on which
we all filled in our innermost secrets ;-)  With all the new members we've been
gathering lately, perhaps we could have another "brief personal details" type
thread to introduce ourselves again...


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