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christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Tue May 28 18:11:48 EDT 2002

mine would probably have to be deep secret or hexwood. i like the convoluted 
plots that only make sense in retrospect, and the romance between two flawed 
characters that act weird. ^_^;;

the characters in those two are just so rich to me. i think maybe since DWJ 
had to spend so much time working detail into them in hexwood so they 
wouldn't lose their personalities when all of the weird things happened to 
them contributed. as to DS, maybe it's just because the cast is so large. 
rupert and maree are just totally excellent characters that can stand above 
and keep the book for themselves even with people like andrew, nick and 
janeane stealing scenes. =)

incidentally, i do rather enjoy SWM, so you're not the only one, philip. but 
it is not my favorite either.


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