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> Hey everyone I just joined and I was wondering what everyone's favorite
> dianawynnjones book is. ok
> bubye
> Heather

Now getting round to replying now that the message has been Brought to My
Attention. It did display ok for me, but I've got my exams as an excuse!

I haven't read every DWJ book yet. Those yet to be read are A Sudden Wild
Magic, The Dark Lord of Derkholm, The Ogre Downstairs, Wild Robert and
possibly one or two others I've forgotten.

Not an easy decision. Archer's Goon is probably the one that made me laugh
the most. I like the Dalemark books, and the Chrestomanci ones, and...
(breaks off, before he lists all her books). Hmm... well, if I had to choose
only one DWJ book to own, I'd probably go for Fire and Hemlock. Then

Books I didn't enjoy as much are: Time of the Ghost, Witch Week, Deep Secret
(although I reread it and enjoyed it a lot more), Dogsbody and The Power of

Caleb W.

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