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On Tue, 28 May 2002 13:22:35 EDT, JOdel at aol.com wrote:

><< What kind of man will he grow up to be, if he's allowed to grow 
>up? >>
>I think that that comment at the end of "I'm young, I can keep them away 
>longer", or however it was phrased, was an indication that Jamie probably 
>WILL physically grow up. But it is going to take a small part of forever 
>before he does it. One indication is that the hundred years that he has 
>walked the bounds already hasn't physically aged him even one. 

And I think, emotionally, he's already aged quite a bit.  He's certainly got
a very mature outlook on things.

>And, as for his sacrifice of walking the bounds to keep THEM away; It IS a 
>sacrifice, true, but not as dire a one as his first hunderd years on the 
>bounds would have implied. In the first place, he is no longer being yanked 
>from one place to another on THEIR whims, so he is now in control of where he 
>goes and when. And I rather suspect that he was able to improve the shining 
>hour that he spent on Konstam's world aquireing demon sensors and/or whatever 
>other navigational aids that Konstam's world uses which will improve the 
>control he has over his life tremendously. 

This is why I think it would be interesting to read more about his future.
(Actually this sounds like a premise for a television show.  Quantum Leap
without the swiss-cheese-brain effect.)  Jamie is smart enough to figure a
lot of things out; I agree that he's going to continue to improve his
ability to control his movement.  But this also implies that THEY will
figure out new ways to play their little game (unless we assume that they
are just unable to innovate, which I suppose is possible) and Jamie might
find himself needing to change what he does to counter them.

>But the first hundred years will be the hardest, as he sees Helen and the 
>rest grow older, while he stays, apparantly, the same. And the lonliness may 
>well tempt him to linger in a world, sometimes.

I think I'd be too depressed to watch Helen and everyone grow older, too.
Of course, by the time he gets to be an adult, who knows how far into the
future that will be?

>>>I don't think HB really *needs* a sequel.<<
>Think "short stories"...

It would work well if Jamie wasn't the protagonist...sort of the way only
_Lives of Christopher Chant_ has "our" Chrestomanci as the protagonist.  I'd
really like stories where Jamie sort of popped in and wasn't identified as
himself.  But, again, if those were set anywhere near to our own time, he'd
still be a kid.

Melissa Proffitt
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