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Rebecca Ganetzky Rebecca.Ganetzky at oberlin.edu
Tue May 28 14:14:46 EDT 2002

> Last week sometime, Heather wrote:
> > Hey everyone I just joined and I was wondering what everyone's favorite
> > dianawynnjones book is. ok
	Good Morning!  And Welcome...I apologize for ignoring you...(and
all of the other newbies whom I didn't welcome)  My only excuse was four
final exams and a final poetry portfolio (ugh!)
My personal favortie is a tie between Fire and Hemlock (which I was
exceedingly happy to see back in print in the US of A!  Wooohooo!  (Along
with Homeward Bounders, which I hadn't even been able to find online)) and
Deep Secret.  I am also proud to announce, unrealtedly, that I now have a
complete collection of DWJ novels (except the *really* uncommon ones: Wild
Robert, Wilkin's Tooth and Changeover...okay, welll *close* to complete)
> PS Heather - a small point of netiquette.  Your mail arrived in my inbox with
> three attachments:  an HTML of the text, a GIF of a flashing envelope, and a
> JPEG of a daisy.  These things are fine when you're sending to friends who you
> know can read them, but on a mailing list, you have many people with many
> different mail programs, operating systems and even display types.  (Yes, I have
> a friend - not on this list - who reads his e-mail on a text only display)
To personalize the warning, *I* use a text only display for my e-mail
during summers.

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