Question about _Tough Guide_

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at
Mon May 27 17:25:52 EDT 2002

> > >Okay, I give up.  Why is the body of _The Tough Guide to
> > Fantasyland_ called
> > >"Toughpick"?  I thought I could eventually figure it out, but I am at a
> > >loss.
> I always assumed it was a reference to one of those totally gung-ho travel
> guides by people like Contiki - you know:
> London-Rome-Venice-Amsterdam-Berlin-London. I can't really describe
> them....I wonder about their website though..
> Anita

At the risk of doing a 'Me too' - this is more or less what I think too. We
get some travel guides in the library, and one of the most popular series is
the 'Rough guide to ...' (Paris, London, Tuscany, etc.) which gives you the
best places to stay and eat, art galleries and museums and significant sites
etc. to visit. These sort of guides usually have a little box on just about
every page with their 'Top pick,' ie. the very best of their selection.


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