"Star Wars" despots vs. "Star Trek" populists

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Mon May 27 00:21:00 EDT 2002

--- Chris R <sfa_ok2001 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> But harking back to the middle ages doesn't
> necessarily mean longing for pre-capitalism
> cooperative society of the fascist ideal - otherwise
> a
> very large wodge of fantasy would be technically
> fascist. 

A very large wodge of fantasy is Fascist in its
essential political outlook, even if its creators or
readers aren't. It is interesting to see authors who
try to recreate their worlds, to make them more
liberal. LeGuin did this with Earthsea in Tehanu, and
MZ Bradley in her Darkover books which became more and
more femminist. In these two cases the author's early
works were written, I suspect, for what they perceived
to be a predominantly male readership. William Morris
was a great enthusiast for the middle ages who wrote
fantasy (one of the inventors of the genre) who
regarded himself as a socialist but I've always felt
he was only a socialist because fascism wasn't
invented in his time.

> And
> if they accept the MArxist dialectic, then aren't
> they
> in trouble, coz neo-feudalism will lead inevitably
> to
> capitalism then to communism?

A Marxist might argue so, but to a Fascist this is not
necessarily the case. True fascists are no friends of
capitalism and their goal would be to prevent that
stage of economic development arising. The support for
Hitler came from artsians, the lower middle classes
and minor bureaucrats. Big business only supported
Hitler when the only alternative was communism.
Hitler's vision for his thousand year Reich did not
include heavy industry. This is one of the reasons he
lost the war.

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