"Star Wars" despots vs. "Star Trek" populists

Chris R sfa_ok2001 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun May 26 17:14:42 EDT 2002

 --- Jon Noble <jon_p_noble at yahoo.com> wrote: > 
>Instead of looking forward to an ideal
> society created by worker revolution it looked to
> the
> past, to a non-industrial co-operative society...
> The harking back to the middle ages of LOTR and
> Carmina Burana (written in Nazi germany) are perfect
> artistic expressions of this ideal. 
But harking back to the middle ages doesn't
necessarily mean longing for pre-capitalism
cooperative society of the fascist ideal - otherwise a
very large wodge of fantasy would be technically
fascist. Though I do want to throw J.S. Mill at all
those authors who believe in benevolent despotism. And
if they accept the MArxist dialectic, then aren't they
in trouble, coz neo-feudalism will lead inevitably to
capitalism then to communism?
Will have to try Randall Garrett.

> >I  would suspect DWJ is what we call in Australia
> would call a "small L liberal"
Small l liberals upset me. they can never decide if
they want negative or positive freedom. Capital L
Liberals are John Howard. Nuff said.

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