DWJ in Dublin

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sat May 25 12:20:17 EDT 2002

>I'm trying to get caught back up on email and finally read some of the
>longer posts.  Hallie and Dorian, THANK YOU so much for your summary!  It
>was the next best thing to being there, for me.  I tried to be jealous but
>it was just impossible.  :)

Thanks for the thanks, Melissa (and to Ros and Ven too).  Dorian 
deserves the biggest share, as she took the notes - I do that in 
tutorials to write up and email around, and it's so hard to force 
yourself away from just listening.  It's good to hear that 
*something* is impossible for you, btw. :)

Here's another mental challenge for you to try - can you imagine 
feeling even that you're almost getting close to maybe starting to 
begin to feel that you might never want to see another book - at 
least for the weekend?  I've been sorting books every night this week 
in preparation for our fete, and by 9:30 last night, we were groaning 
at the sight of another car load of books left over from a 
neighbouring church's fete.  No!  For the love of the strange gods of 
the heroes, don't bring us more *books*!  :)

Fete over now. Must. Lie. Down...  Hallie.

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