Current Doctor Who season and Time City similarities

Caleb W scalebw at
Sat May 25 05:20:07 EDT 2002

Spoilers for "A Tale of Time City" and the current Paul McGann season of
Doctor Who audio dramas follow...


Having listened to the penultimate story, "Time of the Daleks", yesterday, I
was struck how similar to "A Tale of Time City" the story arc is. Let me
The Doctor rescued his current companion, Charlotte "Charley" Pollard, from
the doomed airship R101 in the 1930s, breaking the Time Lord's rule of
non-interference against the changing of history, which is causing history
to alter, at first in small ways, but now in much bigger ways. Compare with
ToTC, wherein Vivien is taking out of history by Jonathan and wotsisname
against the rules of their people, changing the course of history.
In Doctor Who, the Time Lords who live on their home planet of Gallifrey,
separate from the rest of history, observing and keeping it in order. Time
City is very like Gallifrey, only a lot more laid back - that the Time Lords
have no children, new Gallifreyans are loomed, fully grown, from genetic
looms probably explains a lot. The Time Lords are trying to track down
Charley, who is now emitting loads of "chronon energy" which unchecked will
unravel the Web of Time. The Time Patrol try and track down Vivien because
she is loaded with chronons, and at the end she can't go back into history
because it would collapse around her.
The season finale sees a return to Gallifrey. "Modern" Gallifrey was founded
by Rassilon, who invented time travel and now secretly lies in the Dark
Tower on Gallifrey. Rumour has it that he may return and try and sort the
mess out in the final story, a bit like Faber John putting in an appearance
at the end.
Quite the point of this, I don't know!

Caleb W.

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