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Tue May 21 23:51:50 EDT 2002

--- Sally Odgers <sodgers at> wrote:
> 100km max - which is certainly
> > not far by Aussie standards, this .... on foot
> this is only a couple of
> days
> > travel.
> >
> Eek! Maybe for you... I doubt if I could walk 50 km
> the first day, let alone
> the second. 20 maybe. If forced.

In my Boy Scouts I thought nothing of hiking 50km a
day for several days - I don't think much of the idea
now either. I was specifically thinking of Egyptian
soldiers escaping on foot (sans shoes) from the
Israeli army in the Sinai in the Six Day War. I always
wondered how the Children of Israel managed to stay
lost in the wilderness there for 40 years.

Jon Noble

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