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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Tue May 21 23:05:14 EDT 2002

--- Ven <vendersleighc at> wrote:
> Michelle wrote
> the good 
> people of the Old
> > Testament were desert dwelling pastoral nomads 
> who ... were also wary of 
> shellfish...
> Paul replied
> <Well, if the only shellfish available had been 
> ported through the
> desert on camelback for who-knows-how-many days, 
> and refrigerators
> hadn't been invented yet, *I'd* be wary of 
> shellfish too.  :)>
> This raises an interesting point -- that for
> shellfish to be banned they had to be available
> in the first place! I can only assume they must
> have been preserved in some way -- salted?
> pickled? in alcohol? -- and arrve in jars or
> barrels. Ob Dwj, the bargain barrel of oysters
> that Milda bought and which ended up crawling
> with ants. 
Nowhere in Israel/ Palestine/Sinai is terribly far
from the sea - about 100km max - which is certainly
not far by Aussie standards, this is our "coastal
fringe". Even on foot this is only a couple of days

Jon Noble

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