Re Teaching Dark Lord

Ven vendersleighc at
Tue May 21 19:56:38 EDT 2002

Michelle wrote

the good 
people of the Old
> Testament were desert dwelling pastoral nomads 
who not unnaturally
> saw snakes as a threat and a danger to 
themselves and their
> animals. But they were also wary of 

Paul replied
<Well, if the only shellfish available had been 
ported through the
desert on camelback for who-knows-how-many days, 
and refrigerators
hadn't been invented yet, *I'd* be wary of 
shellfish too.  :)>

This raises an interesting point -- that for
shellfish to be banned they had to be available
in the first place! I can only assume they must
have been preserved in some way -- salted?
pickled? in alcohol? -- and arrve in jars or
barrels. Ob Dwj, the bargain barrel of oysters
that Milda bought and which ended up crawling
with ants. 

On the snakes issue there are positive things
about snakes from a human perspective ie their
role in eating pests such as rats, which would
make them be at least tolerated by agricultural


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