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Tue May 21 12:28:42 EDT 2002

<< thinking about 'with power comes responsibility', Derk is an interesting
case study.  Is it right for Derk to create all these weird hybrid animals,
just because he can?  or is he a bit of a mad scientist? >>

Yup. Mad Scientist, deffinitely. But also, given that he has cut most of his 
ties with the University, and is not involved with Chesney's tours, he is in 
the rather odd position of being as close to a free agent as you can find on 
that world. Which means that he has no real outside social controls imposed 
on him and is guided by his own interpretation of ethics and the input of his 
family and near neighbors. 

His hybrid animals (and more to the point, INTELLEGENT, animals) all appear 
to be able to breed true. it is going to be a dicy proposition in a couple of 
hundred years to discover what their overall effect on that world's culture 
is going to be, once the herds and flocks reach numbers that will have them 
leaving Derk's holdings and striking off on their own. (Although the talking, 
flying horses are probably going to always be in great demand among humans 
and elves, certainly.) But what possible use can be made of flying pigs as 
opposed to the original variety, you will have to explain to me... 

>>Though carnivorous sheep are wrong, and could lead to BSE-like diseases :)<<

I think the carniverous sheep were a mistake. I seem to recall that the geese 
didn't work out to expectations either.

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