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>> Have you seen Gosford Park?  And the Edwardian Country House on Channel 4?
> No telly, I'm afraid.

Gosford Park is on at the cinema still I think.  (Well worth watching, not
for the mystery but for the witty script and fab acting.)
> BUT I think this is a reflection of working conditions in Edwardian times, and
> how they translated into domestic service, NOT something intrinsic to domestic
> service as a field of employment.  Domestic servants nowadays aren't treated
> like that at all.
A friend of mine who worked as a groom was treated more like an indentured
labourer than as an employee.  Luckily he was able to give it up and go to
> (I fear I may be ranting.  Perhaps I'd better stop...)

Rant away!  A good part of my knowledge of conditions of service is based on
reading Georgette Heyer.


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