Buffy as Homeric ODWJM

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Wed May 22 02:20:08 EDT 2002

> CL.  The bad witches and warlocks in Charmed Life are mostly lower or
> working class, what my mum would call 'common',

That's true, though Cat's sister is a bad witch.  Maybe only people of a
higher social class have the educational drive to learn more complex magic?

I'm the offspring of a postman-turned-farmer and a student teacher/farmer's
daughter. They are both of above-average intelligence (my father topped the
state in his PO exams), but there was never any suggestion I would go to
university. Mind you, I would have kicked and screamed to avoid going if
there had been!  Maybe if my social class had been higher, I would have been
better educated; i.e. able to do "higher magic"?


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