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Mon May 20 14:13:39 EDT 2002

On Tue, 21 May 2002 00:46:36 -0700, Sally Odgers wrote:

>worst part of a film, it's
>> probably not one person's fault the way it would be for >a novel.
>Wanna bet? If you find a novel with some syntax fighting it out with the
>rest, it's probably editorial meddling.

I mean that for a movie, you can't automatically blame it on the original
writer; sure, it's probably just one person's mistake, but which one person
would that be?

But that's different from a novel with fightin' syntax and style.  A book
that's just plain awful in tone, characterization, vocabulary etc. is
probably not the fault of the editor or of a committee that couldn't decide
how to write it.  I hope.  Except that the editor would be responsible for
the decision to publish the beast in the first place....

>I found a horrid grammatical clanger
>in one of my recent chapter books. I rushed whimpering to my original,
>convinced I couldn;t have been *that* stupid. I was right.
>"He found Dolphin and me washing buttermilk off the silver."
>"He found Dolphin and I washing buttermilk off the silver."

Yeah--and because the stupid editor's name isn't on the book, it makes YOU
look like the dummy.  Double aghhh.

Melissa Proffitt
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