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Mon May 20 10:45:23 EDT 2002

On 21/5/02 8:31 am, "Sally Odgers" <sodgers at tassie.net.au> wrote:

>> But the main reason poor scripts get made into films is that people still
> go
>> and see em!
> You're quite right. <sigh>. There are quite a few writers on the fringe of
> the category romance area who would love to introduce more "ordinary" heroes
> and heroines, but sell-through figures still persuade the publishers to go
> with the TD&H hero and the slender heroine. Evidently any author of a blond
> hero must expect a cut in her sales.
> Readers aren't that shallow - are they? Statistics say they are. My theory
> is that the spiky minority who want *good* scripts and *likely* heroes have
> ceased to buy romance or visit the cinema at all. Therefore their choices no
> longer figure in the equation.
> Oh, and the SW films have Spin Offs. And they're reasonably
> family-friendly...
> Sallyo.
Have you read any Diana Gabaldon?  She gets classified as a romantic writer
but is another genre-buster and I really like her books - also they are
satisfyingly long.  Her hero and heroine are both fantastic as they have
character flaws and behave like real people - and their story doesn't end
with marriage, but rather begins with it.


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