Teaching Dark Lord

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Tue May 21 02:58:58 EDT 2002

> Problem is that even when you have a good script, once its sold to a
> the writer rarely has control of the material.  Directors, producers,
> marketing people and accountants all stick their oars in.

Quite so. But I've seen about 90% more movies let down by bad scripts than
by bad acting or bad FX.

Capable actors can look very good with a good script and top class (by which
I mean top class, not necessarily top Box Office) actors can look like hacks
with a bad one. I was just discussing this with my husband the other day.
Why don't movie makers send their shooting script to (say) three critics or
assessors before they go ahead? Structural editing and a dialogue polish
would make a huge difference.

<sigh> I used to think there were lots of good mss out there that never made
the bookshops. Then I started reading for an agent and found out there were
a lot of bad mss too. Thank goodness for DWJ, against whose yardstick anyone
rises to his/her toes in an effort to compete. She does some odd things,
technically, but the result is never *bad*.


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