Teaching Dark Lord Part two

rohina at shaw.ca rohina at shaw.ca
Mon May 20 02:37:04 EDT 2002

> And then there are "information" type questions that I genuinely don't
> know the answer to.  These I'll think about for a minute or two, 
> to make
> sure that I actually can't come up with it and then I'll just tell 
> themthat I don't know, ask if anyone does, and then promise to 
> look it up and
> let them know next time.  Then I do just that.  Usually, I'll also 
> takethe opportunity to point out that it is perfectly ok to do 
> this and that
> they shouldn't worry that their students will lose respect.  On the
> contrary, I think students will have more respect and be grateful 
> for the
> honesty.  Seeing it from that perspective (how they react to me doing
> this) I hope makes them more confident about doing it in their own
> classrooms.

I think the honesty issue is an important one, because students can 
often tell when the teacher is faking, even if they don't know what the 
specific information or issue is. Also, I have had students make 
negative comments about perceived teacher omniscience (eg. you know 
everything, so it is intimidating to say anything in case you think I 
am stupid.); which I think is not something teachers always consider, 
as they are often nervous and don't think they know enough.


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