Teaching Dark Lord part 2

jstallcup at juno.com jstallcup at juno.com
Sun May 19 22:51:22 EDT 2002

Deborah noted, in part:

> That is, *here* are our expectations for certain adult genres,
> *here* are our expectations for certain childhood and YA genres,
> and in the last five years DWJ has started blowing those
> expectations all to hell in a way nobody else does.  Okay, then
> what?  And who is the implied audience for such genre-benders?
> I mean, besides us.

Isn't the "then what" what genre theory is all about?  I think this
sounds like a great idea for a paper and I don't think that you've said
it all in that one paragraph.  I'm not as strong on genre theory as I am
on feminist theory and children's lit criticism, but I know it's out
there.  Go for it!

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