Teaching Dark Lord

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> I belong to the fantasy fan category, so I've read many fantasy novels,
> after the initial 'wow, aren't these great' I realized, as I read my way
> through the library where I worked, that there are so many fantasy novels
> which are utterly dire. Not many come up to scratch these days. Many
> are so derivative, and far too many are far too long (a certain series by
> Robert Jordan springs to mind).

I have happily had the time recently to spend time browsing in the library,
looking through the books for those that might appeal. I've come across
quite a lot of fantasy books, a far too high proportion of which are the
"fantasylands" type. I can't stand that type, unless it really is very good,
although I like more general fantasy.

In the January sales I got "The Ultimate Encyclopaedia of Fantasy", which is
quite useful for getting some background on fantasy writers and their books.
It's a bit out of date - no Harry Potter :-) - and some entries look like
the sole research involves reading the back cover blurb of one of the
author's books and the author biog. They call DWJ the "best living writer of
fantasy for young people in Britain" or somesuch, so they obviously have
_some_ sense.

Caleb W.

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